Stating the Myths & Facts about Real estate in 2023

Real Estate in 2023

Real estate acquisition requires a significant financial outlay. It is most likely the most expensive purchase we ever make. As a result, most people study before purchasing a home, business, or retail space. Due to the proliferation of the internet, it is now simpler to investigate Real Estate in 2023 because you can access all the information you need. 

However, it has also contributed to several misconceptions about investing in the industry. To assist you to make an informed choice, we will discuss and dispel some prevalent fallacies about Real Estate Investment in 2023 in India in this article:

Myth #1: Only wealthy people invest in real estate.

Fact: This urban legend, which discourages people from making real estate investments, developed for unknown reasons. If you are wealthy, you can easily purchase a home or office. You can still choose to get a home loan where a financial organisation lends you about 80% of the property’s value. This loan can be repaid over a long period in manageable installments.

Myth #2: Investing in real estate carries a high level of risk.

Fact: Every investment carries some level of risk; that is a fact. However, real estate has far lesser chances when compared to other assets like equities, mutual funds, gold, etc. Because it is less erratic than the stock and gold markets, the real estate market is the reason for this.

Myth #3: Investing should only be done in developed places

Fact: The truth is that fully developed and integrated areas and communities make excellent living locations. As a result, many investors favour homes in these neighbourhoods. However, real estate costs there are high and close to their peaks. As a result, there will be no capital growth despite the possibility of higher rent. Consequently, it would help if you considered investing in a developing location as this would enable you to purchase a home at a reasonable price and give you a chance to benefit from substantial capital appreciation.

Myth #4: Home prices will continue to rise.

Fact: Many individuals think that real estate prices will always rise. As a result, their profits would be exponential if they invested in real estate and kept it for a long time. That is untrue. It’s critical to remember that price growth is a process that has been completed before investing in real estate. 

Depending on the area and the calibre of the building, there is a saturation threshold for property values. Prices will stop rising once they reach their saturation points. A rapid decline in demand might also cause a decrease in real estate values. So, before investing, it’s crucial to bear these things in mind.

Myth #5: Smaller cities are not the best places to invest in real estate

Fact: Although historically, most businesses only had offices in major cities, there was a significant demand for real estate in these areas. As a result, real estate investors would not think about purchasing a home or business space in smaller cities. 

Since metro cities are overcrowded and saturated, there has been a shift in the trend where businesses are now looking at Tier II and III locations for opening offices. Due to this, there is also more demand for real estate in smaller cities. Additionally, there are many opportunities to generate significant returns because most of these communities are still in the early stages of growth.

Hyderabad, also known as Pearl City, is currently the preferred choice for investors and homebuyers in India. There are numerous new urban developments throughout the city’s eastern region. The city now serves as a significant national hub for pharmaceutical and biotechnology and has a sizable global IT/ITES presence.

Significant investments have been made here because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere, affordability, and excellent connectivity, including buses, Metro, and MMTS light rail services linking the city from west to east.

Over Rs, 8,000 crores are said to have been spent in Hyderabad over the last six years on better infrastructure improvements and other development projects. According to The Economic Times, Hyderabad is the most dynamic city. The administration is committed to upgrading the city’s facilities and providing better services to upcoming generations. At numerous city intersections, arterial and link roads have been constructed to ease traffic congestion on important thoroughfares. The construction of 44.7 km of connection roads is now ongoing.

Real Estate in Hyderabad is the most desirable because investors receive excellent investment returns. One city whose infrastructure has consistently outpaced growth is Hyderabad. The city draws significant investments in the business and residential sectors thanks to its superb socio-economic infrastructure. With its carefully thought-out IT and telecom infrastructure, Hyderabad has seized the chance. It meets the requirements of both the global IT industry giants and IT professionals.

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