What is Vaastu Shastra and What Are Some Vaastu Suggestions For Apartments?

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is early Hindu system architecture and design that incorporates traditional Buddhist beliefs. 

It means the science of residence that aims to achieve peace and healthy living by eliminating all the negative energies and increasing the positive ones. It will be applied to buildings and homes with the hope that they will become better places for the heart and the soul.

Vastu Shastra is the written part of Vastu Vidya- a collection of ideas or concepts with or without the involvement of layout diagrams

Vastu shastra can make our lives better and will secure us from things going wrong.

Vastu Suggestions For Apartments / Flats:

There are a lot of effective instructions by Vastu Shastra for flats and apartments. Whatever house you might be in, big or small it must give satisfaction to you. This emotion of satisfaction and pride should not be affected by negative energies. When you keep all negativity away from every corner, your house will be away from negativity. 

So by following the Vastu tips for apartments you can get rid of that easily. It is suggested to use specific plants, colors, directions, and other decorative accessories to eliminate the evil effects. 

Either it is recommended to follow the Vastu tips for apartments or meet Vastu experts to know how to check Vastu for apartments.

Not everyone believes in Vastu but a lot of people will.

Everyone will have a lot of questions that develop in mind while looking to buy or take an apartment for rent, “Will apartments have Vastu?” and “Will Vastu matter?”

Every opening and corner of your apartment has some energy that can be either positive or negative. 

So it is very important to follow the basic tips of Vaastu for apartments to achieve a successful and peaceful life. 

Vastu for apartments and flats can be known or corrected and checked by following the following tips:

  • A basic step of Vastu Shastra is to buy an apartment with the main entrance facing North, North-west, or East only. 
  • In the pooja room, the god or goddess must be placed in the Northeast corner.
  • South-west direction must be chosen for overhead tanks.
  • For underwater tanks, the northeast direction must be chosen.
  • Drainage pipes must be kept in North-west, North, or West directions.
  • Master bedroom – South-west corner 
  • Children’s room – North-west corner
  • Construction of bathrooms – should be done in the South or West direction only.
  • Drawing room – North-west, South, or West directions only.
  • The kitchen as it is the essential part of the house must be in the direction of South-west.
  • Study rooms – East, North, North-west, West and North-east corners
  • Pooja room and study room must be adjacent. 
  • The direction of the guest room should be North-west.
  • Windows should be open in the East or North direction. 
  • Every window and door must open inwards and be of even number. 
  • Storeroom – South.
  • Dustbins and garbage – South-west of your home and must be covered properly.
  • Balconies – northeast, east, or north directions. 

Vastu Guidelines One Should Never Avoid To Follow:

  • Choose a house where all four corners are complete. I.e., without any corner being cut, damaged, or broken.
  • Make sure to avoid south-west facing homes.
  • The staircase must be clockwise and should not be in the northeast direction.
  • The kitchen should be in the southwest direction and should not be in the northeast direction.
  • The master bedroom should not be in the southeast direction.
  • Toilets should not be in the northeast direction.

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